Box braids with purple highlights.

Miracle Loves her color Highlights. We’ve done blue, pink and now purple. I don’t know what she’ll ask for next.



So I started my 3 year old in Daycare soon after she turned three. Boy, did I enjoy the peace in quiet and my home that STAYED clean ALL day long. However my Faith, lol, she hated it. She cried like there was murder happening on 3 year old Lane. She even would yell “please don’t leave me” as I dropped her off. After a month of “she’ll get use to it” I decided enough is enough. She just isn’t ready yet. So now we home school. I go over all that Pre-K goes over and she loves it. I bought flash cards of letters and pictures to build her vocabulary as well.  I print coloring sheets offline and I use my favorite site Just recently I went to my local education store and bought posters and a pointer. Now we take turns being the teacher! I’m finding that this homeschool thingy, is the light of my day! I wake up to do it! I love it…. and they love it too. Check her out… she so excited  *later my luvs

Book Review — Curiously Curled — 2 Thumbs Up


Was an awesome quote from the author, Fila Antwine. Don’t you think?!

I love passing on my love of reading to my kids. Recently,  “The Single’s Mom Club” Magazine sent us “Curiously Coiled” by Fila Antwine. Just from the look of the cover I was delighted to read this book with my girls. What a cute little story that both my girls (one curiously coiled and one straight) enjoyed. The illustrations allowed both girls and myself to be right in the book! When I showed it to my toddler she immediately said “Mommy, that’s me”. Nothing is better than  book that has “you” on the cover and speaks to young girls loving themselves. I give it 2 thumbs up… A great book for all little girls or coiled boys for that matter! Click the link to order or learn more about this book……

Homeschool at Home

So due to financial difficulties I’m home schooling at home. Miracle still attends after school care everyday and dance on Tuesdays but since I’m not working I can no longer afford the $100 a week to send her to a home school. Faith will attend daycare but only 2 days a week as well as dance on Tuesdays but no more everyday. But no fear Mommy is here! I’ll use part of the tuition money for supplies and trips. I even thought about adding another day of dance for the girls. For their curriculum, I have a plan.  Or I found a plan rather. A PERFECT ONE!

In my search for affordable home school curriculum I ran across……

“EASY PEASY All in one home school”.

IT’S PERFECT I TELL YA! From pre-k all the way to 8th grade Easy Peasy has a plan for it.

So here’s how it works. It’s set up by grade level. There’s even an assessment for math, reading and language arts. There’s arts and bible. It’s then a plan for the day. EVERYDAY. There’s links to videos, printouts, games and even line paper for handwriting classes! LOVEEEEE IT! It’s at the core of my plan. I have a few other things I’m using but the day starts here. I tell you check it out!!! It would be awesome to use even for parents that have public school kids to use during those long breaks (Christmas and summer vacation) I so thankful! Low on funds. It really took the stress out of homeschooling.

Here’s the link to check it out! 

happy learning 

later my luvs

We <3 to read

Aren't Faith's antenna's of love adorable?

Aren’t Faith’s antenna’s of love adorable?

Miracle, my tween, This months pleasure is spooky stories. Because her Mommy (ugh me) is a big scary cat that’s the only way she’ll see a spooky movie.  

Faith, my toddler, well she loves books as well, but she’s going for the foam puzzle pieces. She puts them together, takes them apart, shares with friends that arrive to do the same thing. 

Now for me, I have another pleasure away from books. It’s our own personal librarian. An old college buddy of mine, that I secretly call Brother Man Historian, works at our local library. He always has such great conversation and knows about awesome things going on in the city. However, this week however he focused on Faith. 

“Does she have a library card” He asked. I replied with a blank stare thinking, huh? She cant read. She’s only 3. 

“It’s never too early. Come on. She’ll get one of these” He interrupted my thoughts to show me the most adorable library card. The only thing that would have made it cuter would be if had some bling on it. (Hmm….wait. Is that illegal to deface a library card?)

So now Miracle, Faith and I all have our own library cards. And it’s so nice to pass on my love of words to my kids. I have our own personal librarian to thank for that! 🙂

Tiny Toddler Passions

Faith totally Nailing our friend Keri's yoga pose

Faith totally Nailing our friend Keri’s yoga pose

So my 3 year old has fallen in love with ballet and yoga. SERIOUSLY.

So yeah… She watches Misty Copeland on youtube like it’s Dora the Explorer. She walks around the house trying to stand on pointe, does these cute little awkward looking ballet moves and when prompted to “turn up” she dances in ballet! LOL It’s adorable. 

She also like yoga. GO FIGURE. I have a friend that’s really into it to recently she was looking over my shoulder and saw a post from her. Immediately she says “I can do that”. I said. “What? You can do that? Well (whips out my cell phone camera) let’s do it then babe”. she walks over to the wall, kicks her little legs up and lands on the wall and says “See Mommy! I did it!” (snap..You know I got that picture.) My reply “BOOM baby! NAILED IT”

I said all this to say ballet–Yoga so not my thing but I’m gonna let her have as much of it as much as she wants. I’m gonna enjoy every bit of it!

Tap – Ballet– It’s all Exercise!

So I find my self in the middle of the road.

On one side of the street is My youngest. My toddler fire cracker that is tip toeing and and leaping all over the house, on and off of all the furniture that desperately needs to burn some energy so we ALL can to go sleep at a decent hour! 

On the other side of the street I have my tween. Who’s content with sitting in front of the TV or Computer all day and night. Who listens to drum beats as a pass time and bangs on everything making beats.

Thank The Most High for Dance class…. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner! Now every Tuesday (and more once mommy gets more $$$) Miracle, my tween, will be taking tap. and Faith, my toddler, will be taking creative movement(ballet & tap). This will allow my future twinkle toe superstars to get moving and satisfy 1st Lady Obama’s request to get moving 1 hour a day. (Only 6 more to plan).


I hear all the time that kids need exercise and I never realized or it just skipped my mind how I can make that fun for them and keep them or get them in shape at the same time! What a excellent double service their dance school is giving me. I can’t wait for the recital… 

What activities do you have your kids in to get them moving?

Later my luvs.

Learning to love learning

After having being told my baby, my heart, my quick thinker (I know from her smart -mouth quick comebacks which I’m sure she gets from her daddy’s side) was headed for special education. I had to act.

Now, I’m by NO means a teacher. TriedMiracle love Learning that ….and I don’t have the patience. So I did the next best thing. I sent her someone’s else’s home school. Best thing I could have EVER done.

It’s not free but I can almost afford it. lol This is her 2nd year attending and she gained 2 grade levels last year. I’m eager to see what happens this year. But more importantly…look…. What do you see in this picture? 

It’s a smile. Her love for learning is back. NO. She is not not doing homework. She’s working out her workbook VOLUNTARY!!! The book SHE purchased at Barnes and Nobel….and she’s loving it!


………..and just in case you’re wondering. She’s working in her favorite subject SCIENCE.



***REVIEW*** Shea Moisture Raw BABY-HEAD-TO-TOE Wash


So today I’m doing a blog review on the …. inhale …. Shea Moisture Raw Shea Chamomile & Argan Oil BABY-HEAD-TO-TOE Wash & Shampoo w/ Frankincense and Myrrh.

Long name…YES!smbs

But I must say that I appreciated it when I was searching for a new soap for my 2 year daughter.

The label told me most of what I wanted to know. It has natural products that’s good for the skin. See my daughter has severe eczema. The back label confirmed that this would be a great product for her. See look at this!

back label

I was happy to pay the $10 for this huge bottle. It was essentially for my 2 year old. I wouldn’t be using much…Right?? WRONG!!!

I tell you….And I do not lie… this product is the bomb dot com! My entire family is using the baby’s

My 10 year old loves to come out the shower smelling good like mommy. Which is a privilege I’m withholding until her teenage years.

I use it to wash my natural hair. It leaves it soft and manageable.

My Fiance…well … my fiance uses whatever he sees… but he hasn’t complained that the scent was too girly and it gets the mechanic grease and grime off and leave him smelling nice too.

Oh! Look at the suds I have in my hair right…


YUP! and it washes away all the product. I’m left with squeaky clean hair after just ONE wash! Which is so hard to get with all the other junk I put in my hair.

Not to mention a little goes a long way……So I give  …. inhale …. Shea Moisture Raw Shea Chamomile & Argan Oil BABY-HEAD-TO-TOE Wash & Shampoo w/ Frankincense and Myrrh. A “MUST BUY”.

I’m actually eager to try more of their products now sold at target according to their facebook page… ( )

Tell me… Have you ever tried this or any other Shea moisture products?