After having being told my baby, my heart, my quick thinker (I know from her smart -mouth quick comebacks which I’m sure she gets from her daddy’s side) was headed for special education I had to act.

Now, I’m by NO means a teacher. Tried that ….and I don’t have the patience. So I did the next best thing. I sent her someone’s else’s home school. Best thing I could have EVER done.

It’s not free but I can almost afford it. lol this is her 2nd year attending and she’s rose 2 grade levels. And look…. What do you see in this picture? Go look at it again…. I’ll Wait……

It’s a smile. Her love for learning is back. She’s not doing homework. She’s working out her workbook VOLUNTARY!!! and she’s loving it! THE SCHOLAR IS IN THE BUILDING LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!

………..and just in case you’re wondering. She’s working in her favorite subject SCIENCE. BOO_YA!!!! #i<3it


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