It’s the little things.

How many of us moms spend day after day, week after week, month after month, wishing for more time in the day. Hoping to squeeze in that one last thing then lie awake in bed at night wondering what, when, where, how and why?

Today I decided not to do that. I would be appreciative of… the little things. So here’s to 3 of the things on my list of little things that made my day easier and made me smile.

  1. sunThe sun  – I shut off my alarm and let it wake me up naturally. Sure i had a ton of stuff to do but I totally needed the rest and for once not to be woken up by that screaming electric mommy in that box! Stretch-blink blink. #thesmallthings
  2. DSCF1151aThe oven timer – my homeschool day went by so smoothly with the time set! No asking “are we done yet?” “How much longer” “Finished yet”… nope just wait for the beep I even got more WORK and studying done because I just worked until I heard the BEEEEEEEP. #thesmallthings
  3. apple_juiceApple Juice – yup… apple juice. I had a horrible sweet tooth with not a cake, cookie, Strawberry-N-Creme Camicake with a side of salted caramel icecream in site! So what did do? I pulled out the AJ (as I affectionately call her). and drink a good size glass and POOF! sweet tooth crisis diverted. and was I ever so grateful! Gulp-gulp! ahhhhhhh #thesmallthings

Sigh… ain’t life grand? So I emplore you to try this… on your lazy day… and see how you smile that much more! Which is vitally important because a Happy Mommy makes a Happy everybody else!!!

Later my luvs! ❤


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