I’m back BABY

So I took some time off and I realized! I totally missed talking about my girls, my city, my career… It’s something about sharing. Right? So yup… I’m back… I have so much to tell.

  1. I’m back in college. EEK I know! but I’m going for my Assoc in Film and Television with a certification in graphic design. All the stuff I totally love.
  2. I’ve started a small homeschool. YAY. I serve prek3, prek, k, and 1st graders. I have a 5 student max with my 4 year old being my 1st student.That will grow as the year goes along!
  3. I’m sending Peanut to a homeschool. she gets to walk to and from school like the other middle schoolers in our area. That’s exciting.
  4. I have new baby. Animators of America. uniting educating and encouraging independent animators and illustarators. Cool story how I got there… maybe I’ll tell ya one day how that all happened.
  5. yeah….I’m still doing hair, rocking my natural and helping my girls to love thier curls.

That’s it so far.. talk to you later my luvs! and that’s a promise!


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