Look Mommy…..I want one!

I have never been that girl to collect Barbies. Sure I played with them in my day, mostly in the tub. You could even say my house was a nude Barbie zone. Yeah, they didn’t even have clothes for 99.9% of there stay at my house. But Barbie has come out with a doll I will cherish forever! Introducing Barbie’s line “Sheroes”

Yeah turns out Barbie is into the who little girl can take on the world thing so the created some modern day “Sheroes” for them to play with. NICE! Right?

So there currently six Barbie “Sheroes”. The actress Emmy Rossum, Broadway sprite Kristin Chenoweth, country star Trisha Yearwood, Editor-in-chief Eva Cheno of Lucky. There even a 5 year old fashion designer Sydney “Mayhem” Keiser. But Most of all I’m excited about the Barbie “Sheroe” Selma director Ava DuVernay.

I’m excited for so many reasons. That she really is my hero and that she kinda looks like ME!!!! lol I know that crazy right. But never have they ever looked like me. She had coco skin and long braids. I’m mean me and this doll could totally be twins. Isn’t she beautiful????

Barbie might be on to something with these collectable Sheroes. I wonder what other Sheroes they will release. I have my fingers crossed for an Oprah and Medea. Hey it could happen!


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