Empire vs Black*ish REALLY?

As most of you already know I’m ankle level deep into the television, film and theater world. Opportunities are presented to me daily and it’s because of show with BLACK leading ladies… Shows like Hawthorne with leading actress Jada Pinkett Smith, The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, Leading actress Jill Scott, more recently Scandal with Kerry Washington. So to have TWO more show on with all black cast just makes my ecstatic!!! 

Currently my 2 favorite shows on the air now are ABC’s Black*ish  (in my opinion a modern day version of “The Cosby Show”) and FOX’s Empire (a modern day mix of “FAME” and “New York Undercover”)… However someone thought it was a good idea to put Empire and Black*ish on at the same time! Like I couldn’t add another night of DON’T MISS TV. #RIDICULOUS

So instead of crying about it. I did a little digging. How can I support both shows that I love so much? And this is what I found.

1. DVR the show you’re missing and watch it within 72 hours.

Turns out show still get credit for it! Go Figure!!!

2. Hashtag

Who knew the pound sign would be so powerful!! #empirefox or #blackish makes the show become trending. Trending. Now that mostly on Twitter but Google+ has a trending too and believe you me…. they are looking and reading! They want to be trending on facebook and yahoo too! So hashtag hashtag hashtag!

Enjoy my luvs




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