So I started my 3 year old in Daycare soon after she turned three. Boy, did I enjoy the peace in quiet and my home that STAYED clean ALL day long. However my Faith, lol, she hated it. She cried like there was murder happening on 3 year old Lane. She even would yell “please don’t leave me” as I dropped her off. After a month of “she’ll get use to it” I decided enough is enough. She just isn’t ready yet. So now we home school. I go over all that Pre-K goes over and she loves it. I bought flash cards of letters and pictures to build her vocabulary as well.  I print coloring sheets offline and I use my favorite site Just recently I went to my local education store and bought posters and a pointer. Now we take turns being the teacher! I’m finding that this homeschool thingy, is the light of my day! I wake up to do it! I love it…. and they love it too. Check her out… she so excited  *later my luvs


2 thoughts on “Pre-Pre-K

  1. That’s great that you enjoy spending quality time with your child. Make sure to prepare your child for attending school with others. Being homeschooled has too many disadvantages in later grades.

    • I think there’s a balance that can created. My kids have a full neighborhood of kids that are active “outside” buddies. We roller skate every Friday. Attend Youth tennis on Tuesdays and church daycare isn’t a problem. If the public school system doesn’t improve I think I’ll take chances with homeschooling and worry about “social” stuff later. But thanks!

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