Homeschool at Home

So due to financial difficulties I’m home schooling at home. Miracle still attends after school care everyday and dance on Tuesdays but since I’m not working I can no longer afford the $100 a week to send her to a home school. Faith will attend daycare but only 2 days a week as well as dance on Tuesdays but no more everyday. But no fear Mommy is here! I’ll use part of the tuition money for supplies and trips. I even thought about adding another day of dance for the girls. For their curriculum, I have a plan.  Or I found a plan rather. A PERFECT ONE!

In my search for affordable home school curriculum I ran across……

“EASY PEASY All in one home school”.

IT’S PERFECT I TELL YA! From pre-k all the way to 8th grade Easy Peasy has a plan for it.

So here’s how it works. It’s set up by grade level. There’s even an assessment for math, reading and language arts. There’s arts and bible. It’s then a plan for the day. EVERYDAY. There’s links to videos, printouts, games and even line paper for handwriting classes! LOVEEEEE IT! It’s at the core of my plan. I have a few other things I’m using but the day starts here. I tell you check it out!!! It would be awesome to use even for parents that have public school kids to use during those long breaks (Christmas and summer vacation) I so thankful! Low on funds. It really took the stress out of homeschooling.

Here’s the link to check it out! 

happy learning 

later my luvs


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