We <3 to read

Aren't Faith's antenna's of love adorable?

Aren’t Faith’s antenna’s of love adorable?

Miracle, my tween, This months pleasure is spooky stories. Because her Mommy (ugh me) is a big scary cat that’s the only way she’ll see a spooky movie.  

Faith, my toddler, well she loves books as well, but she’s going for the foam puzzle pieces. She puts them together, takes them apart, shares with friends that arrive to do the same thing. 

Now for me, I have another pleasure away from books. It’s our own personal librarian. An old college buddy of mine, that I secretly call Brother Man Historian, works at our local library. He always has such great conversation and knows about awesome things going on in the city. However, this week however he focused on Faith. 

“Does she have a library card” He asked. I replied with a blank stare thinking, huh? She cant read. She’s only 3. 

“It’s never too early. Come on. She’ll get one of these” He interrupted my thoughts to show me the most adorable library card. The only thing that would have made it cuter would be if had some bling on it. (Hmm….wait. Is that illegal to deface a library card?)

So now Miracle, Faith and I all have our own library cards. And it’s so nice to pass on my love of words to my kids. I have our own personal librarian to thank for that! 🙂


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