Tiny Toddler Passions

Faith totally Nailing our friend Keri's yoga pose

Faith totally Nailing our friend Keri’s yoga pose

So my 3 year old has fallen in love with ballet and yoga. SERIOUSLY.

So yeah… She watches Misty Copeland on youtube like it’s Dora the Explorer. She walks around the house trying to stand on pointe, does these cute little awkward looking ballet moves and when prompted to “turn up” she dances in ballet! LOL It’s adorable. 

She also like yoga. GO FIGURE. I have a friend that’s really into it to recently she was looking over my shoulder and saw a post from her. Immediately she says “I can do that”. I said. “What? You can do that? Well (whips out my cell phone camera) let’s do it then babe”. she walks over to the wall, kicks her little legs up and lands on the wall and says “See Mommy! I did it!” (snap..You know I got that picture.) My reply “BOOM baby! NAILED IT”

I said all this to say ballet–Yoga so not my thing but I’m gonna let her have as much of it as much as she wants. I’m gonna enjoy every bit of it!


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