Tap – Ballet– It’s all Exercise!

So I find my self in the middle of the road.

On one side of the street is My youngest. My toddler fire cracker that is tip toeing and and leaping all over the house, on and off of all the furniture that desperately needs to burn some energy so we ALL can to go sleep at a decent hour! 

On the other side of the street I have my tween. Who’s content with sitting in front of the TV or Computer all day and night. Who listens to drum beats as a pass time and bangs on everything making beats.

Thank The Most High for Dance class…. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner! Now every Tuesday (and more once mommy gets more $$$) Miracle, my tween, will be taking tap. and Faith, my toddler, will be taking creative movement(ballet & tap). This will allow my future twinkle toe superstars to get moving and satisfy 1st Lady Obama’s request to get moving 1 hour a day. (Only 6 more to plan).


I hear all the time that kids need exercise and I never realized or it just skipped my mind how I can make that fun for them and keep them or get them in shape at the same time! What a excellent double service their dance school is giving me. I can’t wait for the recital… 

What activities do you have your kids in to get them moving?

Later my luvs.


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