New Adventure

 Image Hey world. ATL Momma here… and I’m on a new adventure. One with a familiar scent….Acting.

I actually started acting seriously back in college and I as pretty good at it. So much so that I was cast in EVERY production. (2 per year for 3 years) College drama is hard… and time consuming… and hard! It takes to so many scripts you wouldn’t even had read and YOU the actor had to make it interesting. Not to mention that wasn’t a class so that was more homework to REMEMBER and RECITE like 2nd nature. I had to literally become a different person each semester. WHEW!

So I took on to behind the scenes to ease some of the pressure and little did I know how great a storyteller I was… so that’s what lead me to where I am today writing books and plays.  

However a VERY talented friend in the industry (along with my immediate family) have been pushing me to act. After about 2 years of pushing…. I’ve decided I will. My new head shots are done and I’m just waiting on the opportunity to go to some auditions. I can’t get past the first one! #excited

So….follow me and my journey to the big screen!


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