Month of First

Month of First

First time for everything.

How many times do you get to say that repeatedly in one day? Try and top 3 times in one day!!! HA! and then I’ll add one to my next day because this is the 1st time you’ll meet my kids, affectionately known as “Tootles, my 2 year old” and “Pumkin”, my 10 year old.  Tootles and Pumkin meet the world wide web!

Now back my day of first!

You see my baby…My tootles…went to daycare for the 1st time. For me that’s the beginning of the end you see. The beginning of Operation big girl and the end of baby girl. awwww I know you can tell… I cried. lol yup. Her father laughed at me saying “look at you making a bigger fuss than she is” But I couldn’t help it. My tootles…My baby….Is just growing up so beautifully and FAST! exhale But I think within the couple hours of silence occurring in my house….I’ll be okay! (wink wink)

2nd First! My oldest, My FIRST…my Pumkin had rehearsal for her 1st television pilot. You see, every since her 1st year of life folks have been trying to get her in television, magazines and films. And I fought it – tooth and nail! I said it’s because I want to give her the values she needs to survive in the world of Lindsey Lohans and Amanda Bines. But truthfully, I just wanted her to stay a kid as long as I could. But in year 10, opportunities are just appearing out of nowhere – everywhere!!! So I can’t hold her back anymore. Destiny awaits. And she was amazing at her first rehearsal for a television pilot!

Then 3rdly, as you know, I became a blogger! HA! Imagine that!

So yup…May is now renamed! It shall now be call “The Month of First!!!!


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