It’s the little things.

How many of us moms spend day after day, week after week, month after month, wishing for more time in the day. Hoping to squeeze in that one last thing then lie awake in bed at night wondering what, when, where, how and why?

Today I decided not to do that. I would be appreciative of… the little things. So here’s to 3 of the things on my list of little things that made my day easier and made me smile.

  1. sunThe sun  – I shut off my alarm and let it wake me up naturally. Sure i had a ton of stuff to do but I totally needed the rest and for once not to be woken up by that screaming electric mommy in that box! Stretch-blink blink. #thesmallthings
  2. DSCF1151aThe oven timer – my homeschool day went by so smoothly with the time set! No asking “are we done yet?” “How much longer” “Finished yet”… nope just wait for the beep I even got more WORK and studying done because I just worked until I heard the BEEEEEEEP. #thesmallthings
  3. apple_juiceApple Juice – yup… apple juice. I had a horrible sweet tooth with not a cake, cookie, Strawberry-N-Creme Camicake with a side of salted caramel icecream in site! So what did do? I pulled out the AJ (as I affectionately call her). and drink a good size glass and POOF! sweet tooth crisis diverted. and was I ever so grateful! Gulp-gulp! ahhhhhhh #thesmallthings

Sigh… ain’t life grand? So I emplore you to try this… on your lazy day… and see how you smile that much more! Which is vitally important because a Happy Mommy makes a Happy everybody else!!!

Later my luvs! ❤


Another 1st – First Short Film

So as many of you know I’m an aspiring filmmaker. I have been for a few years and recently I’ve put some action to those goals and dream. I released my 1st short film. It’s 2 minutes long and I’m very proud of it. It’s a wonderful example of where I’ve started. I’ve learned so much since it… like technical stuff…that I can’t wait to shoot the next one to show my improvement. So no, I’m no Steven Spielberg or Spike Lee or Shonda Rhimes… but I’m well on my way.. check it out!!!

Miracle loves this style. Although she wares it down at home. This style has lots of varitey opportunities. Up pony. two pony. up do.. you name it

Confessions of a mom with Kid battaling Asthma

My tween has asthma. When she was 3…What I thought was the longest cold ever….turned out to be asthma.

I must admit… I’m terrified of this Asthma thing.

According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (AAAA) 1 in 10 kids have asthma. In 2025 the number of people suffering from Asthma worldwide will grow to 100 MILLION folks. WHOA!

See….Here it is 3:10 am and  I’m too wired to go back to sleep. I’m here on the edge of my bet listening for that familiar consistent cough from her bedroom.  I’m on alert! Wondering if I made the right decision to treat her asthma attack at home with the tools the doctor gave us. Praying Mr Ivory (our cute little polar bear humidifier) helps ease some discomfort for the rest of the night. I’m terrified.

And although I have the set up to conquer pretty much any attack I still feel uneasy. I’m still on alert. I’m still 2 seconds from grabbing my keys and making a trip to the hospital for the ER doctors to tell me she’s fine.

It’s 3:30 am now … that’s 20 minutes with no cough. not tossing in her bed (I know because it squeaks…lol) So our double dose of Albuterol treatments must have worked  or maybe the propping her up must have work or maybe it was Mr. Ivory….Well- High five Mr. Ivory!

I just realized I’ve been holding my breath… Deep sigh of relief! Yeah, this asthma thing is scary but I’m a mom armed with the best pediatrician, the cutest humidifier and a world of knowledge…We’re gonna beat this thing–together!!! Right Mr. Ivory?!!!

Sunpentown Polar Bear Ultrasonic Humidifier SU-2031

*Good night my luvs

I’m back BABY

So I took some time off and I realized! I totally missed talking about my girls, my city, my career… It’s something about sharing. Right? So yup… I’m back… I have so much to tell.

  1. I’m back in college. EEK I know! but I’m going for my Assoc in Film and Television with a certification in graphic design. All the stuff I totally love.
  2. I’ve started a small homeschool. YAY. I serve prek3, prek, k, and 1st graders. I have a 5 student max with my 4 year old being my 1st student.That will grow as the year goes along!
  3. I’m sending Peanut to a homeschool. she gets to walk to and from school like the other middle schoolers in our area. That’s exciting.
  4. I have new baby. Animators of America. uniting educating and encouraging independent animators and illustarators. Cool story how I got there… maybe I’ll tell ya one day how that all happened.
  5. yeah….I’m still doing hair, rocking my natural and helping my girls to love thier curls.

That’s it so far.. talk to you later my luvs! and that’s a promise!

Look Mommy…..I want one!

I have never been that girl to collect Barbies. Sure I played with them in my day, mostly in the tub. You could even say my house was a nude Barbie zone. Yeah, they didn’t even have clothes for 99.9% of there stay at my house. But Barbie has come out with a doll I will cherish forever! Introducing Barbie’s line “Sheroes”

Yeah turns out Barbie is into the who little girl can take on the world thing so the created some modern day “Sheroes” for them to play with. NICE! Right?

So there currently six Barbie “Sheroes”. The actress Emmy Rossum, Broadway sprite Kristin Chenoweth, country star Trisha Yearwood, Editor-in-chief Eva Cheno of Lucky. There even a 5 year old fashion designer Sydney “Mayhem” Keiser. But Most of all I’m excited about the Barbie “Sheroe” Selma director Ava DuVernay.

I’m excited for so many reasons. That she really is my hero and that she kinda looks like ME!!!! lol I know that crazy right. But never have they ever looked like me. She had coco skin and long braids. I’m mean me and this doll could totally be twins. Isn’t she beautiful????

Barbie might be on to something with these collectable Sheroes. I wonder what other Sheroes they will release. I have my fingers crossed for an Oprah and Medea. Hey it could happen!

Empire vs Black*ish REALLY?

As most of you already know I’m ankle level deep into the television, film and theater world. Opportunities are presented to me daily and it’s because of show with BLACK leading ladies… Shows like Hawthorne with leading actress Jada Pinkett Smith, The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, Leading actress Jill Scott, more recently Scandal with Kerry Washington. So to have TWO more show on with all black cast just makes my ecstatic!!! 

Currently my 2 favorite shows on the air now are ABC’s Black*ish  (in my opinion a modern day version of “The Cosby Show”) and FOX’s Empire (a modern day mix of “FAME” and “New York Undercover”)… However someone thought it was a good idea to put Empire and Black*ish on at the same time! Like I couldn’t add another night of DON’T MISS TV. #RIDICULOUS

So instead of crying about it. I did a little digging. How can I support both shows that I love so much? And this is what I found.

1. DVR the show you’re missing and watch it within 72 hours.

Turns out show still get credit for it! Go Figure!!!

2. Hashtag

Who knew the pound sign would be so powerful!! #empirefox or #blackish makes the show become trending. Trending. Now that mostly on Twitter but Google+ has a trending too and believe you me…. they are looking and reading! They want to be trending on facebook and yahoo too! So hashtag hashtag hashtag!

Enjoy my luvs



2015 is All Good

Finally 2014 is over! and 2015 is here! How exciting for us all! Especially We have our calender up for the year and we are launching Miracle Moments a kids blog written by my 11 year old daughter Miracle. She does so much… why not hear it from a kids mouth. I’m producing my stage plays and web series, going on some auditions, working behind the scenes in some industry things, working on my my weight, still doing hair and blogging all at the same time! So big plans for 2015….What’s some of your goals?